Company Overview

Prominence Energy Ltd (“Prominence”) is a public company based in Perth, Western Australia that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) under the code “PRM”. Prominence’s key exploration and production assets are in the state of Louisiana, United States. 

The Company has decided to refocus on conventional oil projects and after an extensive review of opportunities, has identified an area of interest, located in the protected inland waters area, offshore Louisiana that offers a niche that we believe suits Prominence.

Prominence has teamed up with Pinnacle Exploration Ltd ("Pinnacle"), a Singapore unlisted public company, which has extensive experience in the area, and whose Board and management are well known to the Prominence team. The Breton Sound and surrounding inland shallow waters offshore Louisiana, hold a prolific hydrocarbon basin that was extensively developed in the 1950’s to 1990’s.  In the late 1990’s industry activity focus shifted to deeper waters and the area has been largely neglected since.  Technical review of the available data, indicates to Prominence that there are multiple opportunities for commercial development of established, but moderately thin oil reservoirs which have historically tested or produced oil at modest or sub-economic rates from vertical wells. Prominence believes that with good 3D visualization and employing the latest horizontal drilling techniques, which have been refined during the unconventional oil boom, it will be possible to find projects that will produce and will be commercially robust even at current oil prices.

The initial 50/50 Bowsprit lease that was acquired in August 2017, has near term production potential through the planned redevelopment of a reservoir that produced oil in 1960’s at low rates from two vertical wells.  Prominence as Operator, together with Joint Venture Partner Pinnacle, intend to develop the field with modern horizontal wells and re-establish production. 

The new Bowsprit oil project looks very promising, and getting the field on to production will be the prime focus for the Company in the coming year. As we execute the detailed planning work for Bowsprit and incorporate all the data in the surrounding area, Prominence will also be mindful of carefully identifying and securing additional follow up project leases. 

Prominence Energy Ltd and its Subsidiaries:

  Country of Incorporation Equity Holding %
Prominence Energy Ltd (parent entity) Australia  100
Prominence Investments Pty Ltd Australia 100


United States
  Country of Incorporation Equity Holding%
Sun Shale Ventures Inc. Texas, United States 100
Sun Louisiana, LLC Louisiana, United State 100
Sun Delta Inc. Colorado, United States 100
Sun Beta, LLC Colorado, United States 100
Sun Operating, LLC Texas, United States 100
Sun Woodbine Inc. Texas, United States 100
Sun Eagle Ford, LLC Texas, United States 100
Sun Southern Woodbine, LLC Texas, United States 100